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Individual Treatment

Evidence Based Treament

Psychology Session

Evidence Based Treatment

The clinicians at Midcoast Counseling Group offer evidence based treatment through a culturally competent lens. Treatment offerings include EMDR (Eye Movement Reprocessing & Desensitization), TIR (Trauma Incident Reduction), and PE (Prolonged Exposure). These treatments effectively treat symptoms of Anxiety, stress/burnout, and post traumatic stress injury. 


The brain has its own reprocessing system—and this system is incredibly effective most of the time. Exposure (particularly ongoing exposure) to stressful or traumatic events can sometimes hijack this system. As a result, we may notice changes in our behavior, as well as how we think and feel (among other things). Sometimes these changes are immediately noticeable, and sometimes they happen slowly over time. It is often family and friends who notice these changes first.


Evidence based treatments work by jump starting the brain’s own reprocessing system. As a result, how you view the traumatic or stressful memories changes: your body remains calm when recalling the events, how you think about yourself and those around you is based in reality and logic, and you are able to move forward with increased resilience.


Contact us to learn more about what we offer, and what might be the best fit for you!

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